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Nov. 23rd, 2012

Rick James
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YO SHAKE NOVES (lol!!!!!)

Frank Ocean
Since you're so tough and not scared of nothin', I just figured I'd tell ya some shit.

You're garbage. You absolutely disgust me. You're a horrible person. You have absolutely no personality other than the one's that you've mooched off of other dirtbags. You are honestly stupid, useless and doomed to be a fucking loser for the rest of your life.

I'm glad people beat the shit out of you. Apparently, they didn't try hard enough cause you're still a douchebag. OH and you're still breathing.

We all know in reality that you're a big pussy. I've heard stories about you bitching out in several situations.

It wasn't enough for you to treat me like shit and completely disrespect me? It wasn't enough for you to sell my $1300 guitar? Now you're gonna talk shit about me to my friends?

"I don't give a fuck."
We'll see who DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK next time I see you. Cause I don't give a FUCK what me or anyone else I'm with will do to you. I hate you.

"I needed the money."
You're gonna need more money to fix your teeth after I knock them out of your fucking head.

Sara, watch your shit because your boyfriend doesn't care about anything but smoking pot, cheating, robbing people and of course, looking tough. A stand up dude. Really. He's so tough and such a LOYAL person that he had to sell my shit to someone because he owed money to his BEST FRIEND. Why'd he owe him money? Cause he's SUCH a piece of shit that he actually stole money right out of his house. Don't think you're special or you can change him. Good luck with that piece of trash.


Frank Ocean

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